About Us

The Youth Zero Waste Project has the mission to advocate and educate our community about the large impacts and severity of food waste.

Our goal is to get more people to actively reduce and cut down on their food waste.

We have designated Sunday, April 16, 2023 as Youth Zero Waste Day.

We are asking youth across our community and Nation to take a pledge to not waste any food on Youth Zero Waste Day. We are asking them to consciously make an effort to ensure others around them also work to reduce their food waste.

About the Founder:  Jasmine Huang is the Founder of the Youth Zero Waste Project.  She is a high school junior in Northern Virginia.  Ms. Huang is 1 of 15 members of the Kroger Youth Advisory Council for the Kroger Company Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative.  She is also the President of Vienna Period.

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