Trace – The Zero Waste Store

Trace has partnered with Youth Zero Waste Day. Everyone that has pledged to not waste food on April 16th will be entered into a raffle for a $20 Gift Certificate to the Vienna Trace Zero Waste Store at

140 Church Street NW, Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 223-5045

What’s a Zero Waste Store?

Zero waste stores have popped up and taken hold all over Europe, Africa and Asia, and are starting to appear in American cities and states. Customers refill their own jars, bottles and bags with items such as grains, beans, flour, spices and household products, and purchase them by the ounce or the pound. There is little to no plastic packaging for the consumer to contend with, and store owners work with suppliers to reduce the use of packaging along the distribution chain. It’s easy, clean, and kind to the planet. Trace is now open for food, spice and soap refills and other eco-friendly items for household and personal care.

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